June 20, 2019

The Four Target Beneficiaries of Beowulf

The Four Target Beneficiaries of Beowulf

Last week, we have introduced how to create a QR Code using QUICKOM. With QUICKOM, users can customize the call in any way they want, which helps individuals control their privacy and businesses set up call centers and manage their communication services.

Today, we are pleased to bring Beowulf back to the front, highlighting the values that Beowulf offers to its stakeholders.

1. Startups and enterprises

Beowulf believes in enabling mass access to affordable computing, and pledges to do so by repurposing the energy consumed for wasteful computation. With that as our mission statement, we offer businesses an infinitely and elastically scalable communication service with security, privacy, and transparency, the latter of which made possible with blockchain technology.

With the vast computer resources contributed by miners network worldwide and the pay-per-use billing model, businesses can provide communication features to their customers quickly in a high-quality manner with no upfront investment, no excessive cost on infrastructure and no additional human resources as far as engineering and DevOps needed.

The Beowulf SDK, meanwhile, handles all communication functions from front-end to back-end infrastructure, with businesses paying only for the minutes they use so they can deploy in no time.

2. Network miners

By sharing computing resources such as PCs, laptops, servers, smart TV, etc., network miners can earn money from the network by hosting voice/video calls. Note that due to the nature of the telecom package relay, little CPU power is used to host a call.

Therefore, the usage of miner’s computer in the Beowulf network will not significantly affect the performance of the computer or cost extra money for electricity. In fact, the mining software can run on Raspberry PI machines, which we intend to release in Q1, 2020.

To learn more about Network miners, visit our previous blog here.

3. Supernodes

Supernodes participate in the Beowulf network as guardians of the blockchain and have the right to produce blocks. All supernodes will have an equal chance to produce blocks. By doing so, they will earn extra coins and money via block rewards and transaction fees for block mining.

To learn more about Network miners, visit our previous blog here.

4. Blockchain-related D’APPs

Beowulf supports blockchain-related D’APPs to issue tokens and manage their wallets on the Beowulf Blockchain. This is an optimal solution for business to scale on-chain with high-speed transaction processing and reduce excessive cost of off-chain management needed for D’APPs, ranging from cold wallet to third-party custodian services.

With the help of Beowulf Blockchain, businesses can also easily put all transactions on-chain in a cost-effective way which is fixed at $0.001 USD per transaction.

To learn more about Beowulf, please visit here.

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