Beowulf Blockchain: Weekly Highlights
Welcome to Beowulf Blockchain’s weekly highlights! In this section, we will discuss the most recent and relevant information for our customers in one convenient place.
Beowulf Blockchain Forges Strategic Partnership with CBA Ventures to Accelerate Global Growth
The strategic partnership will facilitate an ongoing liaison between the companies wherein CBA Ventures will mutually cooperate with Beowulf Blockchain for the promotion of Beowulf’s comprehensive technology stack within both companies’ respective countries of influence, starting with universities and colleges in India, South Korea, EU and Vietnam.
Read more in our Press Release here and on The Crypto Sight, TokenPostEconoTimes, TokenPost Korea.
QUICKOM Partners with WPLUS to Enable Enriched Communication to Propel In-app Focused Customer Experience
QUICKOM by Beowulf has forged a partnership with WPLUS, the next-generation of the Korea-based cryptocurrency mobile wallet to propel better communication engagement is a robust, reliable suite of communication capabilities utilized within the WPLUS app, which includes data rich messaging and high-quality calling capabilities.
Find out more here and on The Crypto Sight.
The All-in-one Solution for World-class Customer Success
QUICKOM by Beowulf, a quick and easy call center solution that utilizes QR code technology to get your own call center up and running in minutes, allowing your customers to reach you at any touchpoint of their customer journey via high-quality voice and video calling, and live chatting.
Watch the full video below.
The QR Code Solution For Corporate Communication
QUICKOM by Beowulf is an innovative communication system built using QR codes for corporate communication and personal use. With QUICKOM, your customers and users will be able to call you directly by scanning the QR code using the built-in camera on their smartphone.
Learn more about QUICKOM’s new website here.
Trump Signs Law Increasing Max Robocall Fine To $10,000
President Trump has signed a law increasing fines on spammy robocalls and requiring phone service providers to begin authenticating calls across networks.
Read the full article here.
Download The Latest QUICKOM Apps Now to Experience The Difference!
Starting from the new year, there is so much news related to QUICKOM and we are just getting started, so let’s get straight down to business.
Catch our latest news on QUICKOM pages for both our International, and Vietnamese community.
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