September 28, 2019

QUICKOM Partners with AIA Vietnam to Enhance Customer Service Experience in the Life Insurance Industry

SAN FRANCISCO, September 28, 2019 – The decentralized communication network pioneer Beowulf Blockchain has announced a global partnership with Nest by AIA, the next-generation customer service center and one of AIA Vietnam’s prime projects, wherein Nest by AIA will adopt the use of Beowulf’s QUICKOM Call Center technology. This will enable Nest by AIA customers to utilize QUICKOM’s unique QR code technology, wherein they can scan a QR code and immediately contact Nest’s call center .

QUICKOM, is a new and modern take on call center software, and has become an option of choice for contact centers looking to invest in advanced technologies, improve systems for integrating customer communications, and build management and professional operations team.

Established in 2015, “Nest by AIA” is a next-generation customer service center, and one of AIA Vietnam’s prime projects. “Nest by AIA” is well-positioned to deliver a unique customer experience in a warm and inviting environment, around the concept of nesting in your own home. With 3 offices located on the top floor of the highest buildings in Ho Chi Minh City, “Nest by AIA” is a peaceful sanctuary above the hustle and bustle of the Ho Chi Minh City streets below, provides a customer experience with a perspective of a modern and fresh urban feel. Customer experience transformation is the ultimate goal for “Nest by AIA”.

“Customer experience is our top priority and we believe what’s good for Vietnam is good for AIA Vietnam,” said Mr. Wayne Besant, CEO of AIA Vietnam. “nest by AIA is an example of innovation, reflecting our determination to deliver premier services to our current and potential customers across the different distribution channels of AIA Vietnam.”

“We are confident that this innovative customer service center will continue to lead the market in Vietnam to bring the life insurance industry to the next level, and we will fulfill AIA’s brand promise to help Vietnamese people live Healthier, Longer, Better lives.”

Customers come here not only for financial advice but also for organizing events. This location has accessible  areas for families with children, coffee shops, and libraries for our customers to engage with.The innovative customer service center is one of AIA Vietnam’s efforts in delivering impeccable customer services to its customers in major cities in Vietnam.

“We believe our path forward will be guided by the needs of customers at the center of everything and we are leveraging strategic partners like QUICKOM to provide next-generation capabilities to transform our customer engagement model and technology infrastructure. The integration of marketing, sales and service activities is critical to delivering a positive, brand-reinforcing experience at every touchpoint in the customer journey.”

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