Beowulf Blockchain: Weekly Highlights
Welcome to Beowulf Blockchain’s weekly highlights! In this section, we will discuss the most recent and relevant information for our customers in one convenient place.
QUICKOM Launches Innovative Chatbot Integration for Telegram Communities
The decentralized communication network pioneer, Beowulf Blockchain has announced the rollout of its new QUICKOM integrated solution to Telegram, including automated call center features that are combined with crystal clear voice/video calling.
Find out more here and on The Crypto Sight.
Beowulf Blockchain’s US Patent for Next-Generation Decentralized Cloud Network appeared on The International Media
In filing for a US patent, Beowulf endeavors to secure our mission of making customizable and affordable communication services available to businesses across all industries.
Download The Latest QUICKOM Apps Now to Experience The Difference!
Starting from the new year, there is so much news related to QUICKOM and we are just getting started, so let’s get straight down to business.
Catch our latest news on QUICKOM pages for both our International, and Vietnamese community.
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