December 26, 2019

QUICKOM Kicks Off the New Year with a Brand New Feature – Corporate Communication

Happy New Year and best wishes from all of us at Beowulf Blockchain. It’s been a busy 2019 at Beowulf Blockchain, and we aim to get even busier for you in 2020 as we are working hard to remain at the forefront of technical innovation. There has been some exciting news about QUICKOM, so let’s get straight down to business. 

Starting from today, you can set up and run your business’s call center using just one QUICKOM app. No longer will you have the hassle of toggling between QUICKOM and QUICKOM Call Center, as we bring you the all-in-one app version you need for a full-fledged call center. 

Earlier this Christmas, we finally released QUICKOM on macOS! Now you can use the intuitive communication system of QUICKOM on any device, while enjoying improved speed, better quality and stability when making video/voice calls.

Last but not least, to welcome the new year we have added a new special feature in QUICKOM. In this latest version, we’re introducing the Corporate Communication feature, in addition to Call Center and Personal Communication. With Corporate Communication, QUICKOM helps break all physical barriers by bringing remote team members across the globe together just as if they were physically in the same room via the advanced two-way collaborative video conferencing in real-time.

Explore borderless corporate communication, improve employee productivity, and drive better business outcomes for your corporation today; all on a single, ready-to-use platform that your team members will love.

Download the latest QUICKOM app version today! Stay tuned on our social media for more updates:

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