August 1, 2019

QUICKOM Call Center Transforms Online Communications with A Human Touch

QUICKOM Call Center Transforms Online Communications with A Human Touch

Digital transformation has changed the way we communicate profoundly – but it didn’t necessarily make us communicate less profoundly. That is why QUICKOM technology is all about applying the best practices and technologies to transform online communications. From building family relationships to satisfying teams, partners and customers, QUICKOM is built to bring the world closer to each other.

Today we are pleased to announce QUICKOM Call Center technology has helped Nam My Kindergarten and Thi Thuong Si marketplace to enrich engagement through personalized messaging, voice and video calling thus accelerating family bonding and propelling better customer success.

Through the new partnership, QUICKOM has enabled Thi Truong Si to set up their own call center and replace the existing hotline number with a QR code for customer service contact. Additionally, QUICKOM has also enhanced its internal communication system by providing its employees with higher call quality and better easy of connectivity.

“The key to success is to understand how each interaction can contribute and drive business value as a part of a seamless overall customer journey. With QUICKOM, our users can tremendously benefit from the network quality and ease of connectivity while we are able to cut down on excessive costs that are normally associated with running a call center,” Qui Le, Founder & CEO of Thi Truong Si said.

In the case of Nam My Kindergarten, the new Call Center has been integrated across 9 campuses and helped families increase sense of bonding by providing direct video conference with their children during break hours. Now parents can interact real-time with their children anytime as they wish, even when they are at school.

“QUICKOM is a great example of how technology can help foster closer interactions between family members as well as integrating parents’ involvement in their children’s learning and development process. It is a significant step towards the future of the educational journey,” said Ms. Tuyen Ngo, Principal of Nam My Kindergaten.

With many more partnerships to come, QUICKOM technology is poised to amplify the human factor for today’s online communcations.

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