June 6, 2019

QUICKOM by Beowulf – Use Cases & Benefits

QUICKOM by Beowulf - Use Cases & Benefits

Last week, we have known that QUICKOM is a fully customizable and private communication service for call centers and personal transactions that utilizes QR code technology to function.

In order to gain a better understanding of QUICKOM values, we are going to walk you through the 3 main use cases of QUICKOM: Call center, Personal transactions and E-commerce.

A. CALL CENTER – Set up your call center in minutes

QUICKOM’s inbound call center solution lets you create different QR codes for different departments and automatically directs your customers to the right representatives for sales or customer service without any software or account.

With QUICKOM, you can pre-route calls to the designated departments for each QR code and collect feedback from your customers regarding service quality right after each call so you can plan appropriately for driving more sales/revenue and keeping your customers happy.

QUICKOM also provides toll free business communication without barriers and boundary and replaces the 1-800 number with full flexibility, and privacy control.

B. PERSONAL TRANSACTIONS – Stay anonymous and keep your online communication private

When it comes to online trading activities, personal connections, or classified advertisements, QUICKOM gives you complete control over your privacy to design the QR codes in whatever way you want such as applying one-time calling validity, time limit and more.

For example, if you post a classified advertisement on Craigslist with a time-limited QR code, you can let people contact you for a certain time only. Once your transaction is completed, no one can contact you again as the QR code expires.

C. E-COMMERCE – Buyer-to-seller communication in just one scan

Direct communication between buyers and sellers can boost more conversion on e-commerce platforms.

QUICKOM lets sellers create different QR codes for different products and share the codes on e-commerce marketplaces or any social platforms like Facebook as their online contact. The sellers can receive calls or messages from their customers in real-time while the buyers will be able to ask queries about product and contact the sellers for delivery or any order issue.

The current use cases of QR Codes are just the tip of the iceberg. By integrating QR Code with the advantages of blockchain technology, QUICKOM is now able to make communication more effective and convenient for both business and personal use.

Scan to connect with QUICKOM, today.

To learn more about QUICKOM, please visit: https://quickom.beowulfchain.com/

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