May 30, 2019

QUICKOM by Beowulf: Hassle-Free Call Centers Are Here – Use QR Code To Call Customer Service

At Beowulf, we strive to make communication more effective and convenient for both business and personal use. That’s why we create QUICKOM – a fully customizable and private communication service for call centers and personal transactions that utilizes QR code technology to function. With a focus on privacy control, QUICKOM is a revolution that brings control over communications back to the users.

A. QUICKOM – Quick and Safe Communication via QR Code

QUICKOM by Beowulf is an inbound communication system built on QR code technology for call centers and personal transactions. With just a scan, anyone with a smartphone can directly initiate a chatting session or make a call to the QR code owner without any software or account.

QUICKOM also allows setting up the duration of the call, the final destination, and time limit to bring complete privacy control for the users.

Compared to traditional communication models, QUICKOM stands out for the following key features:

B. QUICKOM – Use Case

Providing a quick and easy way for any business or individuals to send messages, make a voice or video call via QR code, QUICKOM is highly applicable to the following field:


  • Toll free business communication without barriers and boundary.
  • Different QR codes for different departments.
  • Automatically direct customers to the right representatives for sales or support.
  • Feedback from customers regarding service quality right after each call.


  • Designed for online trading activities, personal connections, or classified advertisements.
  • Create and customize unique QR code with privacy control, rather than sharing telephone numbers.
  • Receive call via unique QR code which can lead to a safer and more comfortable use of personal communications.


  • Create different QR codes for different products.
  • Share the codes on marketplaces or any social platforms as online contact.
  • Receive calls or messages from customers in real-time.
  • Buyers can scan to call the sellers for any order issue.

To learn more about QUICKOM, please visit:

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