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Beowulf Blockchain featured on Vietnam National TV News

Beowulf Blockchain helps parents of South American Kindergarten School Network stay in touch with their children at schools. ...
August 14, 2019

Beowulf is changing the computing paradigm towards decentralized ownership

The meanings behind the name Beowulf: from a legendary hero to a world-class computing cluster, all connecting with our vision for the decentralized world. ...
August 5, 2019

Native phone calls for the newest QUICKOM iOS version

From now on, you can have the intuitive, convenient calling experience with QUICKOM, just as you do on your native iPhone. ...
August 2, 2019

Could a QR Code Replace Your Phone Number?

Imagine replacing your vulnerable phone number with a simple, privacy-protected QR code. This may sound unreal, but the trend is here. ...
July 26, 2019
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