May 23, 2019

Get to know Beowulf: Supernode – The Stakeholder of Beowulf

Get to know Beowulf: Supernode – The Stakeholder of Beowulf

Last week, we have introduced you to the critical role of network miners in the Beowulf protocol, providing both computing resources and facilitating transactions within the network.  

Going forward, this post will introduce the role of Beowulf Supernode, outline the economic incentives for running one and shed light on a list of preliminary operating requirements.

A. Supernode – The guardians of the Beowulf blockchain

Adopting the Delegated Proof-of-stake consensus, Beowulf develops a network of Supernodes – the stakeholders who have “voting power” across the system. Supernodes participate in the Beowulf network as guardians of the blockchain and will have equal chances to earn block rewards and transaction fees for each block they create.

1. Supernode structure

Supernodes are classified into 3 types as follows:

  • Supernodes: Stakeholders of the blockchain. Supernodes are entitled to elect 13 council nodes from among themselves every 105 seconds.
  • Supreme nodes: Permanent block producers owned and operated by Beowulf Foundation. There are 8 permanent block producers ensuring the security and safety of the block confirmation and verification process.
  • Council nodes: 13 active block producing supernodes elected by all supernodes. They are elected every 105 seconds (21 blocks per election x 5 seconds per block).

Each council node and supreme node takes turns to produce a block within a 105-second cycle. For each block to be accepted, it requires verification and acceptance of at least 16 supreme and council nodes. In the event of a hardfork, at least 15 Supreme and Council nodes are required to create a new chain.

You can find the list of Beowulf Supernodes updated real-time here.

2. The Benefits

By validating transactions in the system, Supernodes will receive block reward AND transaction fee. Since Supernodes take turns at block production, everyone will have the opportunity to earn as each new block is created.

B. Become a Supernode

In order to join Beowulf as Supernode, accounts need to hold at least 3,000,000 BWF coins with requirements as listed below.




Bandwidth 100 Mbps or higher



Chain Height

 Chain must be synced to the latest block

Chain must be synced

Hardware Requirements

OS: Ubuntu 16.04 LTS

CPU: Dual core @ 2GHz or higher per core

Memory: 16GB
Storage: 1TB drive
We recommend using SSD for hard disk

Required Stake

3,000,000 BWF



The full registration process for Supernode can be found here.

Visit Beowulf now at our website: 

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