May 16, 2019

Get to know Beowulf: Miners – The Constructors of Beowulf

Get to know Beowulf: Miners - The Constructors of Beowulf

Beowulf miner is the bridge to a world with unlimited decentralized computing power, cheaper resource-intensive services, and utilized passive CPUs. Together to form a distributed network of Miners worldwide, they represent a symbol of accessibility that stands against the tech monopolies that keep supercomputers and cloud computing behind steep paywalls.

Henceforth, we are pleased to get you on this ride with us, starting with our very first and important stakeholder: Beowulf Network Miner.

A. Beowulf Network Miner – The Definition

As Beowulf develops a decentralized cloud network for communication services worldwide, communication hosting power is equally delegated for multiple hosting spots, or Beowulf network miners. By implementing this model, Beowulf can utilize global computing resources and eliminate the influence of centralized communication data centers, while keeping the system safe, secure and fast with the help of blockchain technology.

By sharing computing resources such as PCs, laptops, servers, smart TV, etc., Beowulf network miners can earn money from the network by hosting communication requests (i.e. voice/video calls, messaging, or QUICKOM).

B. Beowulf Network Miner – The Benefits

1. Who are Beowulf Network Miners?

Everyone, in every corner of the world, can become Beowulf network miners, as long as they have a computer with Beowulf mining software. As simple as that.

2. What are the benefits of Beowulf Network Miners?

Income, income and income! No further task required, just leave the mining software active. Easy work, easy money.

C. Become a Beowulf Network Miner

1. Download Beowulf Software

Beowulf provides a free and secure mining software that can be downloaded here. Anyone can become a miner in just 3 simple steps:

  1. Download the Beowulf mining software which is free and safe.
  2. Add in Beowulf Blockchain wallet or register for a free account.
  3. Receive passive income.

2. Manage Beowulf Mining Software

The Beowulf mining software is designed to help miners easily earn and manage passive income stream from hosting communications services on the network. It functions as:

  • Wallet: where our miners store and check their income. Beowulf also requires our miners to download their wallet keys to ensure privacy.
  • Mining tasks recording: where our miners review the transaction history record for transparency.

Join the Beowulf Miner network worldwide!

To see more about Beowulf, visit our website:

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