Beowulf Blockchain: Weekly Highlights
Welcome to Beowulf Blockchain’s weekly highlights! In this section, we will discuss the most recent and relevant information for our customers in one convenient place.
Victoria Platform for Distance Education – Empower the Human Mind
The Victoria Platform by Beowulf helps break down the long-standing barriers for schools and education institutions, so that they can efficiently extend their teaching capabilities out into the world.
Go Beyond the Standard for On-Chain Scalability and Speed with Beowulf’s D’APPs
Beowulf Blockchain provides developers and organizations with comprehensive API/SDKs for the storage of a queryable database on the blockchain, with immutable record and the ability to treat anything stored in the database as an asset.
View our D’APPs Website now!
Download the latest QUICKOM apps
QUICKOM has new versions across platforms for better speed and reliability. Download now to experience the difference!
Download QUICKOM for Personal Use
• IOS (2.7.2)

• Android (3.7)

• Windows (1.2.10)

Download QUICKOM for Call Center
• IOS (2.3.2)

• Android (1.5)

• Windows (1.2.10)

Catch our latest news on QUICKOM pages for English  and Vietnamese community.
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