Beowulf Blockchain: Bi-monthy Highlights
Welcome to Beowulf Blockchain’s Newsletter where we will share all of our significant achievements.
In this issue, we will share our recent major achievements. Apart from our recent partnerships with a range of high-profile companies and institutions around the world, we also have an exciting announcement for the launch of our Beowulf Wallet Software and DeFiato Staking Service in this bumper crop issue, so let’s get started.
Download the Beowulf Wallet Software for the Management of Digital Assets and Supernodes
Since first propelling our mainnet onto the blockchain scene, we’re about to embark into the next phase to better serve our users. Introducing the Beowulf Wallet software, an intuitive, easy-to-use wallet experience, built with the highest security and accessibility features in mind for users. With the new wallet software, users can securely store digital assets that are native to the Beowulf blockchain, as well as transfer funds easily, manage all aspects of Supernodes and more!
Download the Beowulf Wallet software here
For more information, please see our Press Release here, or on leading crypto media here.
Stake Your BWF and Earn Rewards on DeFiato
Here at Beowulf Blockchain, we’re constantly looking into how we can improve our network for your benefit. On the DeFiato platform, you can now earn passive income for your BWF holdings without any technical barriers or specialized knowledge required.
DeFiato is an all-encompassing crypto staking/DeFi platform designed to provide the most intuitive user experience and highest level of safety for users and their holdings, combined with an attractive reward mechanism with the mission to redefine DeFi staking towards realizing mass adoption.
Get ready to stake your BWF tokens and watch your holdings grow! Deposits are open for all tokens, get started here
Beowulf Blockchain Joins the Conversation with Officials from the Vietnamese Government
Our CEO and Founder Dr. William H. Nguyen participated in a discussion forum with the Vietnamese government, including the Vietnamese Deputy Prime Minister, the Ho Chi Minh City Party Chairman, the Vice-Minister of Foreign Affairs, and many other governmental officials. His speech was on the topic “Digital transformation and digital trends” discussed Beowulf’s technology suite, and how it will build a next-generation innovation platform for the ecosystem in Vietnam, fundamentally transforming Vietnam’s socio-economic future.
Watch the news on Vietnam’s National TV here.
Beowulf Blockchain Partners with SilverSea Media Group to Transform Borderless Communication
Leveraging the QUICKOM platform, SilverSea Media Group will now have the newfound capability to help their clients and employees transform the way they connect and engage across different time zones, while at the same time, enjoying an unmatched ease of use on any device, and at a significantly lower cost.
Read more on our Press Release here, or on TheCryptoSight here.
Connect with your favorite artists on!
As we kick off a brand new platform for fan engagement, we’ve already got an exciting event lineup for you. This month, we’re pleased to let you in on a very special talk show series for fan communities in Vietnam, and there is no better way to kickstart this event than to feature one of the legends in comedy for many Vietnamese generations – Actor Quang Minh. is a brand new platform from Beowulf Blockchain to redefine the fan connection with their favorite idols. With, we add a new dimension to the fan engagement via fully collaborative video conferencing with capacity for up to 5,000 participants, making it more meaningful and easily accessible anytime, anywhere in the world.
❤️ Watch the talk show here.
QUICKOM Continues to be a Trusted Partner in Providing a Technology Platform for Frontline Organizations to Host Large-scale Conferences
Over the course of last month, QUICKOM has conducted a range of major large-scale events, including notable ones connecting governmental officials and world-leading professionals across different time zones. See some featured events below:
⭐️ “The 8th International Conference on Emerging Challenges: Contemporary Issues on Innovation and Management” (ICECH2020)
Organized by Hanoi University of Science and Technology in conjunction with the British Council and other prestigious universities in Vietnam, the conference welcomes high-profile guest speakers, including professors, doctors, and leading experts from New Zealand, France, England, German, Japan, etc.
Read more on Vietnam’s most-viewed news channel here.
🌟 “Unlocking Potential of the South Asia and Facilitating Vietnam’s Export to the South Asian Market” Conference
The international conference was held a great success through the QUICKOM platform, with co-hosts who are frontline governmental organizations, such as the Trade Office in Africa-West Asia-South Asia Market (an direct arm under the Ministry of Industry and Trade of Vietnam), the Ho Chi Minh City Centre of International Integration Support (CIIS), and the Ho Chi Minh City Institute for Development Studies (HIDS).
To watch the recap video, please click here.
😍 Upcoming Talk Shows on Fan8.Club
Stay on the front row and don’t miss out on the latest shows from your favorite artists! Visit for more information.
🤑 Earn Free BWF Coins on Telegram
Don’t forget to join the “Beowulf Blockchain” group on Telegram. New members earn free BWF coins on CCTip. Also, we’re sweetening the pot and let you earn more as you refer a friend. The more the merrier 👏👬👭
Click the link here to join.
Download The Latest QUICKOM Apps Now!
QUICKOM has new versions across platforms with better speed and reliability. Download now to experience the difference!
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