February 23, 2022

DeFiato – Crystabaya partnership to bring Tourism Industry to the next level

Singapore, 22 February 2022 DeFiato – the next-gen mainstream Fintech platform for Decentralized Finance (DeFi) – and Crystabaya – a marketplace of NFT-based hotel nights and travel-related products – have announced their international strategic partnership to integrate DeFiato’s DeFi services and Fiat on-ramp for tourism-related transactions into Crystabaya.com. This partnership opens a new era of convenient rapid transactions and high level of liquidity for the tourism industry, providing ongoing benefits to all of its stakeholders. Travelers around the world can pay using crypto with ease; at the same time, hotels can receive fiat money as a settlement via DeFiato’s extensive partnership into DeFi services, as well as Fiat on and off ramp. Travelers also have the opportunity to receive fiat when re-selling their NFT-based hotel nights on the marketplace.  

In addition, DeFiato will manage the staking and farming for Crystalbaya’s upcoming promotion program of 1 million NFT tokens, which are equivalent to 1 million hotel nights (worth $100,000,000) in order to kickstart the NFT-based marketplace on Crystabaya.

“We are pleased to work with Crystabaya on this journey to transform the landscape for tourism”, said Dr. William H. Nguyen – Founder of DeFiato, “Our cutting edge technology regarding staking, farming, and secured Fiat gateway has  provided the right infrastructure for Crystabaya to deploy this first-of-its-kind tangible NFT marketplace to travelers across the world.” 

“We are delighted to partner with DeFiato to bring the next generation of online travel services into the crypto community as well. At Crystabaya, we use the NFT technology to bridge the physical world to the metaverse, so that travelers can enjoy the benefits of the flexibility and the lower cost of their travels.”, said Mr. Trung Nguyen – CEO of Crystabaya.

To celebrate this partnership, DeFiato will create a farm on its platform to give away 100,000 NFT-based hotel nights (worth $10 million USD) for all of those users who hold DFIAT tokens. This will let the users on defiato.com platform to immediately experience a real bridge between the physical world (e.g. hotel stays) and the metaverse (NFT marketplace).

About DeFiato

DeFiato is the next-generation centralized platform for DeFi staking, yield farming and financial services, such as assured security, quick settlements, ease-of-use and customer service support, which has altogether eliminated the technical barriers and financial risks associated with many decentralized platforms. The platform enables on-chain liquidity through various pools, across different chains. It also offers fiat on-ramp via Prime Trust and will also support peer-to-peer (P2P) transactions.

To learn more about DeFiato, please visit https://defiato.com/  

About Crystabaya

Crystabaya is a joint venture between Beowulf Blockchain and Crystal Bay Group to offer a Marketplace of NFT-based hotel nights and travel-related products. On this exchange platform, travelers can find and book a room at the cheapest possible rate while maintaining their peace of mind that their money is secure even when their travel plan changes, due to their ability to trade their NFT-based booked stays. As a result, Crystabaya converts the centralized hotel and rental house booking experience into flexible and customizable decentralized exchange opportunities for travelers, hotel owners and investors; all of which will greatly benefit from it.

To learn more about Crystabaya, please visit https://crystabaya.io/ 

For media contact:

Dr. William H. Nguyen

Email: william@defiato.com

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