July 15, 2019

Consentium and Mars Blockchain Invest in Beowulf’s Decentralized Cloud Network

Consentium and Mars Blockchain Invest in Beowulf’s Decentralized Cloud Network

SINGAPORE, July 15, 2019 /TechInAsia/ – Beowulf, a decentralized cloud network for telecommunications that just released the QUICKOM application – the world’s first QR code calling system, has received investment from Consentium, a chat application that raised $42 million, and Mars Blockchain, a price-stable digital currency that will power the next-generation payment network on the blockchain. Both projects will become supernodes in the Beowulf blockchain ecosystem. 

Consentium is a messaging app that allows users to earn cryptocurrency for engagement that raised $42 million from ICO. Part of Beowulf’s joint vision with Consentium to propel better communication system is a more scalable, readily available suite of communication capabilities to be utilized in Consentium’s proprietary projects within the ‘Consentium Ecosystem’.

Mars Blockchain is an enterprise group determined to be the global leader in blockchain innovation and committed to the development of the underlying technology of blockchain. The company’s shareholders include Singapore’s well-known network of technology companies, Taiwan’s technology listed companies and other well-known equity investment fund companies. The company is located in Singapore, Taipei, Hong Kong and Shenzhen. It issued the first Singapore dollar pegged stablecoin named 1SG in 2019. In the meantime, it is well-known for its cryptocurrency wallet (Mars Wallet) and blockchain news platform (Mars Media). 

“We are grateful to have Consentium and Mars Blockchain, two of Asia’s leading blockchain companies, backing Beowulf as we roll out our technology platform,” said Dr. William Nguyen, Founder of Beowulf. “Our infrastructure is blockchain, but our applications will be focused on real businesses and consumers. Beowulf, with the support of our amazing partners, will be able to completely disrupt the enterprise communications industry by providing a faster, better, and lower cost product to end users.”

Beowulf recently announced the launch of QUICKOM,  a customizable and private QR code called service. The application is an in-bound communication service that utilizes QR code technology to function. Users and customers use their smartphone cameras to scan the unique QR code, which automatically initiates a direct call. QUICKOM also allows for messaging with Machine Learning AI-powered chatbots. These individualized QR codes are fully customizable, with the ability to set the budget range of the QR code, the final destination of the call, expiration dates, and more.

Beowulf is a decentralized cloud network for communication services. It enables business to provide communication features for their business without the typical barriers associated with call centers and maintaining successful client relations. This B2B platform provides ready-to-use technology for clients to adjust and operate their own communication services, to enhance their own business models.

The Beowulf blockchain employs delegated Proof-of-Stake and native dual coin structure to ensure transparency for all transactions in the system.

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