QUICKOM by Beowulf - Use Cases & Benefits

QUICKOM by Beowulf – Use Cases & Benefits

QUICKOM brings along 3 main use cases for businesses and individuals: Call center, Personal transactions and E-commerce. ...
June 6, 2019

QUICKOM by Beowulf: Hassle-Free Call Centers Are Here – Use QR Code To Call Customer Service

At Beowulf, we strive to make communication more effective and convenient for both business and personal use. That’s why we create QUICKOM – a fully customizable and private communication service ...
May 30, 2019

Get to know Beowulf: Supernode – The Stakeholder of Beowulf

Going forward, this post will introduce the role of Beowulf Supernode, outline the economic incentives for running one and shed light on a list of preliminary operating requirements. ...
May 23, 2019

Get to know Beowulf: Miners – The Constructors of Beowulf

A miner can mean a lot of things. But to us at Beowulf, a miner is the bridge to a world with unlimited decentralized computing power, cheaper resource-intensive services, and utilized passive CPUs. ...
May 16, 2019

Understanding Beowulf: The Non-Technical Overview

With the support of Blockchain technology for transparency, Beowulf is aiming at combining these computing resources globally in a decentralized mode to form a supercomputer network for serving ...
April 8, 2019
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