December 6, 2019

Beowulf to Expand Global Footprint to 50,000 Business Partners

SILICON VALLEY, December 6, 2019 – Beowulf, the decentralized B2B communication network pioneer, is expanding its work by engaging over 50,000 members in an effort to accelerate business development efforts on a global scale. Specifically, Beowulf has partnered with Thuong Hieu Viet, Vietnam’s leading business association and its members by implementing mission-critical solutions for communications, telemedicine, distance training and education through its comprehensive technology suite.

This strategic collaboration provides an opportunity for all organizations to develop benefits that meet their diverse needs.

“These industry-first initiatives are at a different level than typical partnerships,” Yen Phan, President of Thuong Hieu Viet commented. “They leverage expertise across all of our organizations to bring the best that we have to offer to our clients and their employees who rely on their benefits innovative solutions from Beowulf’s technology stack. From a mission statement perspective, we’ll remain almost myopically focused on exploring ways to help our business members and partners to grow their business within the network and beyond, and to ensure that anyone who should accelerate their business, can.”

Thuong Hieu Viet currently has gained over 50,000 members in the pursuit of its mission to advance commercial transparency and provide a legislative voice for businesses in Vietnam. In addition to promoting and advancing Vietnam’s global competitiveness, one of Thuong Hieu Viet’s areas of focus is to support business owners to grow their companies by making practical information and networking opportunities available.

Beowulf’s CEO and Founder, Dr. William H. Nguyen and Thuong Hieu Viet’s President Yen Phan at the signing ceremony.

As part of the partnership, Beowulf is sharing its technology stack with Thuong Hieu Viet’s 50,000 members, which encompasses a comprehensive suite that handles various communication functions (voice/video calling, messaging) from front-end to back-end infrastructure with enterprises paying per minute-of-usage. QUICKOM by Beowulf is a US patent pending platform that represents a monumental leap forward in corporate and personal communication in the digital age. QUICKOM provides a customizable and anonymous QR code call service that replaces phone numbers with scannable QR codes to enable users to call, text, easing the communication process and giving more power back to the user in terms of privacy control. 

For corporate communication, QUIKCOM empowers employees to communicate and truly connect in more efficient ways than ever before, by breaking physical barriers via the advanced two-way collaborative notepad for the real-time co-creation and exchange of data. With the rapid growing pace of enterprise informatization, this innovative feature can significantly accelerate interdepartmental communication and cross-regional collaboration, increasing employee productivity while cutting down the costs for most businesses.

QUICKOM has become an option of choice for contact centers looking to invest in advanced technologies, improve systems for integrating customer communications, and build management and professional operations teams without excessive costs for human resources and infrastructure. The platform has seen rapid adoption by global corporations and leading companies such as AIA, E-Teleconnect, among over 35,000 merchants seeking customizable, deployment-ready communications products. 

Among Beowulf’s many services, Victoria is a comprehensive distance education platform that empowers schools and educational institutions around the world to build their own distance education service where they can conduct two-way interactive communication learning/teaching sessions in real-time. Designed with mobility in mind for users, Victoria offers a range of learning tools to promote a higher level of engagement and collaboration among learners anywhere, even when on-the-go. These include HD audio and video, synchronous collaboration tools, collaborative screen sharing for a wide range of digital content such as photos and slides, and real-time web co-browsing. 

With the aim to create a sustained and stable channel for fostering faculty building across the globe, Victoria will also establish an overseas teaching center for the recruitment and training of qualified native English speakers. By taking the initiative, it strives to provide an unparalleled new teaching standard via the technology-driven educational experience.

Victoria has already been utilized by institutions such as the Vietnam National University’s School of Medicine, the country’s best higher education institution to offer distance teaching to medical students, and the National Taiwanese Normal University to teach Mandarin worldwide.

“As we expand our global presence and add functionality, we also need to grow our performance and scaling capabilities. Our strategic partnerships ensure integration throughout the business lifecycle to provide our customers with the best possible experience – and on an accelerated delivery schedule,” said Beowulf CEO and Founder, Dr. William H. Nguyen. 

Redefining the landscape for healthcare services has been Beowulf’s mission since the launch of the HANA platform. Designed with a 360° suite of services, the platform’s single, intuitive interface enables more efficient interaction between healthcare providers and patients with advanced two-way interactive capabilities, real-time video conferencing and rules-based mission-critical healthcare information system – simplifying and empowering the provider and administrator digital workflow experience.

With the ability to access data from within the telemedicine platform, or conveniently access the telemedicine platform from within any device, HANA facilitates connectivity and data exchange that allows for complete clinical pathways and establishes a certified system of record that is compliant with HIPAA standards.

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