October 8, 2020

Beowulf Partners with Vietnam’s Frontline Government Organization to Propel World-class Communication for Business Community

Beowulf NSSC

SILICON VALLEY, October 8, 2020 – Beowulf Blockchain, the pioneer of the decentralized cloud network for communication services, today has announced a partnership with Vietnam’s National Startup Support Center (NSSC), a government organization directly under the Ministry of Science and Technology of Vietnam. The signing ceremony was held under the witness of Dr. Pham Hong Quat – Director General of National Agency for Technology Entrepreneurship and Commercialization Development, together with representatives from the Office of the Ministry of Science and Technology in Ho Chi Minh City. 

Pursuant to the strategic cooperation, NSSC will adopt the cutting-edge communication technology of Beowulf’s QUICKOM and QUICKOM Call Center platforms to serve the growing collaboration, communication, and customer experience needs of its business community across a variety of channels; as well as utilizing these platforms for the organization of TECHFEST 2020’s event – one of the largest national annual events for the entire stakeholders in Vietnam’s ecosystem. 

Packed with every interactive feature possible, and the capability to host up to 5,000 participants, QUICKOM provides the best user experience for running video-based online conferences and lecture halls. These key features include two-way interactive tools for large-scale collaboration, real-time interpretation, breakout rooms, plug-ins for most popular platforms, etc.

Because QUICKOM is underpinned by a global decentralized cloud network, it ensures unmatched quality for video and sound and significantly faster connections when compared to other services providers, while utilizing the smallest bandwidth capacity possible. Users can start or join a conference easily by clicking on the provided link, or scanning a unique QR code using their phone’s camera without the need for any other application.

Since its propelling, QUICKOM has hosted over 1,000 events engaging with approximately 100 thousand participants. In Vietnam alone, it has conducted major large-scale events, including notable ones connecting governmental officials and world-leading professionals across different time zones. Some examples include the Vietnam Chamber of Commerce and Industry’s international conference organized in collaboration with the Ministry of External Affairs of the Government of India under the topic “Doing Business with Vietnam”, the “The symposium on Application of Advanced Technologies In Agriculture (AATA)”, which welcomed top-notch guest speakers, including professors, doctors, and leading experts from Vietnam, Japan, Denmark, and Belgium.

QUICKOM’s subsidiary service, QUICKOM Call Center, provides a new and modern take on call center software, and has become the compelling option for thousands of contact centers looking to improve systems for integrating customer communications, and build management and professional operations teams, while efficiently serving hundreds of thousands of customers.

Taking place on October 8, 2020, the partnership signing ceremony between Beowulf Blockchain and Vietnam’s National Startup Support Center (NSSC) was held with the attendance of leaders from the two parties, and representatives from the Office of the Ministry of Science and Technology in Ho Chi Minh City. 

As part of Beowulf’s cooperation agreement with NSSC, both QUICKOM and QUICKOM Call Center technology platforms will also be utilized in this year’s TECHFEST event, offering a suite of comprehensive services encompassing video-based conference call, distance training programs, call center, and corporate communication solutions.

TECHFEST is the largest annual event for the innovative startup community Vietnam, organized by the Ministry of Science and Technology in coordination with other Government Ministries, Agencies, and socio-political organizations. Notably, the event will be conducted in both offline and online forms, with a focus on large-scale operating capability and flexibility which help TECHFEST’s startups and businesses to stay ahead amid the global disruption caused by the COVID-19 epidemic.

QUICKOM and QUICKOM Call Center currently support most devices and operating systems, including MS Windows, MAC OS, iOS, Android. 

Commenting on this remarkable partnership, Dr. Pham Hong Quat, Director General of National Agency for Technology Entrepreneurship and Commercialization Development said, “In the context of globalization and the rapid development of new technologies in the Industrial Revolution 4.0, Vietnam needs to quickly develop a national strategy to catch up with the trend. With years of experience in technology development and innovation, Beowulf will be one of Vietnam’s most trusted partners for this strategy. I firmly believe that this cooperation will be effective and benefit both parties.”

Dr. William H. Nguyen, Founder and CEO of Beowulf Blockchain said, “We chose Vietnam as one of the first markets in Southeast Asia to introduce our platform in the region as we knew it was a mature market that is known to adapt newer technology and related solutions. “

“Most organizations are reluctant to invest money in advanced technologies right now due to the lack of visibility of what lies ahead. However, during difficult times like this, remote conferences are the lifeblood of many businesses, particularly SMEs. We believe that by offering a one of its kind experiential, two-way interactive platform for hosting these conferences, and with multiple functionalities at really attractive pricing, we are really supporting them in their efforts to rebound post the COVID-19 slump,” he further added.


QUICKOM by Beowulf utilizes US patent-pending QR code technology to redefine corporate and academic communications, making them more flexible and intelligent which help academic institutions and enterprises worldwide to stay ahead. True to its roots as a technology disruptor, QUICKOM’s flexible approach helps to better serve the growing collaboration, communication, and customer experience needs of companies across a variety of channels. QUICKOM is built on the world’s most flexible decentralized cloud communications platform and offers a suite of services encompassing call center, classroom, conference, and corporate communication solutions, as well as unified communications with a focus on privacy protection for personal use.

About NSSC

The National Startup Support Center (NSSC) of Vietnam is a public science and technology organization affiliated to the Department of Science and Technology Market and Enterprises Development (Ministry of Science and Technology), performing the function of promoting the development of innovative startup ecosystems under the direction of the Prime Minister.

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