November 5, 2019

Beowulf Blockchain to Accelerate Business Development Efforts in Australia

SILICON VALLEY, November 4 – The decentralized communication network pioneer, Beowulf Blockchain, today has enlisted the services of Sydney-based Trade Promotion Agency with a multichannel distribution strategy to expand business development efforts in Australia.

Since its launch, Beowulf Blockchain has continuously improved its international operations in order to increase its global competitiveness. Beowulf’s Singapore subsidiary, which is the most recent attempt for the Silicon Valley-based company to operate an overseas subsidiary independently, entered into operation in early October this year and has begun preparations for product releases.

Beowulf recently announced the launch of QUICKOM, a US patent-pending technology that utilizes QR code technology to enable users to call, text, and generally communicate with each other, easing the communication process and gives more power back to the user in terms of privacy control. With aims to give privacy control over communications back to the user, QUICKOM provides a customizable and anonymous QR code call service that replaces phone numbers with scannable QR codes. 

QUICKOM has become an option of choice for contact centers looking to invest in advanced technologies, improve systems for integrating customer communications, and build management and professional operations team without excessive costs for human resources and infrastructure. The platform has seen rapid adoption by global corporations and leading companies such as AIA, E-Teleconnect, among a suite of others seeking customizable, deployment-ready communications products. 

“Beowulf Blockchain is committed to realizing a global brand presence and have strengthened efforts to expand international partnerships worldwide,” said Beowulf Founder Dr. William H. Nguyen. “Across our global customer base, we’re seeing a high demand for comprehensive communication solutions that unlock greater insights into relationships, helping increase revenue growth, and employee productivity through innovative distance teaching and training. This initiative efficiently draws on complementary areas of expertise and geographical specialization, which allows us to accelerate our global reach, with a focus on the Asia Pacific region, and ultimately deliver digital transformations for even more forward-thinking organizations.”

Among its many services, Beowulf empowers schools and educational institutions around the world to build a distance education service where they can conduct two-way interactive communication learning/teaching sessions in real-time. Designed with mobility in mind for users, Victoria offers a range of learning tools to promote a higher level of engagement and collaboration among learners anywhere, even when on-the-go. These include HD audio and video, synchronous collaboration tools, collaborative screen sharing for a wide range of digital content such as photos and slides, and real-time web co-browsing. 

Victoria has already been utilized by institutions such as the Vietnam National University’s School of Medicine, the country’s best higher education institution to offer distance teaching to medical students, and the National Taiwanese Normal University to teach Mandarin worldwide.

About Beowulf Blockchain

Beowulf’s technology encompasses a comprehensive suite that handles various communication functions (voice/video calling, messaging) from front-end to back-end infrastructure, with enterprises paying per minute-of-usage; a decentralized distance learning platform named Victoria; and HANA, a comprehensive telemedicine system. QUICKOM is a US patent-pending platform by Beowulf that represents a monumental leap forward in corporate and personal communication in the digital age, by offering a customizable and anonymous QR code call service that replaces phone numbers with scannable QR codes. For hardware manufacturers and developers, Beowulf provides Beowulf Operating System, a futuristic business model for hardware manufacturers to offer free devices to their customers, the ‘open App Store’ concept for zero digital content fee, and world-class security.

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