Beowulf Blockchain: Weekly Highlights
Welcome to Beowulf Blockchain’s Newsletter where we will share all of our significant achievements.
We have achieved significant progress and added value to a wide range of organizations and business sectors via our cutting-edge technology. We are pleased to empower every aspect of life and transform others’ lives into better, smarter, and healthier ones through effective communication.
Beowulf Blockchain files a new US patent for QUICKOM
We have filed a US patent for QUICKOM, the cutting-edge technology designed for distance classroom-based teaching and lecture hall-based conferences with up to 1000 students or participants. We aim to secure our mission of enabling people in each corner of the world to access knowledge and information anytime and anywhere.
Read more in our Press Release here and on The Crypto Sight.
Beowulf Blockchain enters the US educational market
We have recently introduced Tutorica, the elite technology platform for large-scale distance teaching and training, to the US educational market. This allows students to access any material or information from their courses despite temporary lockdowns or geographical barriers, keeping them on track with the lessons for the current and upcoming semesters. In addition, Tutorica helps corporations to ease their concerns about training and development in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic.
Read more in our Press Release here and on The Crypto Sight.
Beowulf Blockchain hosts the International Research Conference to Foster Innovation and Entrepreneurship
We have recently collaborated with the National Economics University to host the International Research Conference on Innovation and Entrepreneurship for Sustainable Development Goals via QUICKOM. The conference brings together top-notch speakers from various countries, major corporations, and organizations, such as Coca-Cola, British Council and others, allowing them to exchange ideas and draw up a multi-stakeholder collaborative plan to foster social innovation and entrepreneurship.
Find out more on Vietnamese top media site here.
Beowulf Blockchain is gearing up for the listing of its native coin – BWF
Beowulf Blockchain is delighted to announce that our native coin, known as BWF, will be listed on multiple highly acclaimed crypto trading exchanges. Stay tuned and follow us.
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