September 19, 2019

Beowulf Blockchain Partners with Vietnam’s First Tablet Manufacturer to Improve the Lives of Farmers across Vietnam

SILICON VALLEY, September 19, 2019 – Beowulf Blockchain, a comprehensive B2B communications platform, has signed a strategic partnership with Vietnamese hardware company Xelex to jointly deploy blockchain-based agricultural tablets for farmers in order to facilitate knowledge sharing, better communication for business and healthcare access, and in the process, improve the quality of their lives.

Beowulf platform will be the main software engine of the first “made-in-Vietnam”, with Beowulf applications initially installed on 1 million devices. With the integration of Beowulf’s mining software, the tablets become practically free for farmers. Because the entire Beowulf network is underpinned by a distributed ledger that is supportive of the exchange and delivery of multiple solutions, Beowulf enables farmers to become a part of its globally distributed network of network miners and earn extra income. By sharing the spare bandwidth on the tablet, farmers can easily earn monthly income and pay off their devices without any extra costs for electricity or mining hardware.

Beowulf technology encompasses a comprehensive suite that handles various communication functions (voice, video, messaging) from front-end to back-end infrastructure, with enterprises paying per minute-of-usage; QUICKOM, a patent-pending concept which aims to replace phone numbers with scannable QR codes for improved privacy and connectivity; a decentralized distance learning platform named Victoria; and HANA, an innovative telemedicine system.

QUICKOM is an in-bound communication service that utilizes QR code technology to connect people without using clunky telephone numbers. Recipients scan the QR code they have been sent through the camera on their smartphone or find it on company social media pages, and QUICKOM initiates a phone call immediately. Now with QUICKOM integrated into the Xelex tablets, a farmer can create their own QR code and send it or share it with only the people they want to, rather than giving out a personal phone number. This gives the farmer the ability to control their own inbound calling, which can lead to a safer and more comfortable use of personal communications. For this service, Beowulf gives the farmers 1 full year free of usage, including unlimited texts and voice/video calls. Better communication means better handling of information, and as a result, better knowledge sharing to improve the quality of their lives.

While educational programs abound at universities around the country, not all people have the wherewithal, the time or even the proximity to benefit from them. Victoria, one of Beowulf’s most recent innovations, is a distance learning platform that’s designed to deliver a higher level of engagement among learners. Achieved via a range of two-way collaboration and interactive conference tools, it revolutionizes distance education with a high degree of flexibility – and has already been implemented by Vietnam National University, the most prestigious university in Vietnam. With Victoria, farmers can now get instant access to borderless knowledge in an affordable manner and at the comfort of their own house.

In an effort to facilitate healthcare access for rural areas in Vietnam, Beowulf also accommodates farmers with 1 year of free service from Hana, a comprehensive telemedicine platform that allows for on-site, personalized healthcare to patients, enabling users to discuss their health concerns and medical conditions directly with healthcare providers through a simple push of a button. For isolated farmers, accessing healthcare often requires long journeys and time away from farm work; health consults via telemedicine are the answer for minimizing travel and the associated financial costs. With Hana platform, Beowulf expects to improve healthcare access in hard-to-reach places, as well as to boost population health management in these areas. 

“It is with great delight for us to be able to join the endeavor to make “made-in-Vietnam” technology products a reality on the world stage,” said Dr. William H. Nguyen, CEO and Founder of Beowulf Blockchain. “This collaborative initiative with Xelex allows us to broaden the positive impact we can have on people by enabling farmers and ranchers in Vietnam to have better communication at their fingertips and improve their quality of lives. At the heart of our work is a mission to provide accessible, affordable healthcare and education to every person in the world thus empower humankind to live smarter and healthier lives – and that is exactly what we are doing here.”

In tandem with Beowulf’s communication-related applications, farmers can significantly benefit from the tracking and verification of agricultural goods which is now made simple with Beowulf’s blockchain-based QR code solution. Farmers can now easily access the complete origin of agricultural goods simply by using their smartphones to scan a QR code on the product package. With the snap of a code, the blockchain technology provides instant insights to verify authenticity, manufacture date and source of production. The information is stored on the public blockchain to ensure clear-cut transparency, allowing for a tamper-proof supply chain history for agricultural goods while supporting the farmer’s need to know and reinforce their faith in the brands they trust.

With the launch of the new brand Xelex specializing in hardware products, Worldsoft became the first Vietnamese company to research and assemble tablets entirely in Vietnam. Their mission is to be one of the first enterprises in Vietnam to participate in producing tablets with the motto “The tablet for Vietnamese people.” Agricultural software inside Xelex tablet is currently the first software that can help farmers plan production farming, manage spending and bank loans, and trade agricultural products. 

“Farmers represent a third of the workforce and account for almost 20 percent of the economy, yet very few have access to information and healthcare. Our collaboration centers around a common goal to make a real difference in agriculture while improving the condition of lives for millions of farmers,” said Nguyen Ai Huu, CEO of Worldsoft said. “We are excited that the Xelex will soon be rolled out among Beowulf’s impressive suite of comprehensive services and can help facilitate their plans to better such a significant sector of the world economy and the lives of millions of people who depend upon it,” he continued.

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