September 13, 2019

Beowulf Blockchain Partners with Phu Duc Hospital Network for the Adoption of Patient-Centric Telemedicine System

SAN FRANCISCO, September 13, 2019 – Beowulf Blockchain has announced a strategic partnership with Phu Duc Hospital Network which is the leading hospital network in Vietnam. This collaboration will extend the breadth and depth of telemedicine adoption by facilitating the provision of a comprehensive system for remote consultations via real-time video conferencing.

In addition, Beowulf Blockchain will provide a QR code-based solution in order to propel its customer success through improved privacy and connectivity, adding a second service line to the company’s contact number. In particular, Phu Duc Hospital Network will utilize Beowulf’s QUICKOM technology to set up a call center and enable customers to scan the company’s QR code with the camera on their smartphone to get connected without any  special software required. With this technology, Phu Duc Hospital Network can have different QR codes for different facilities on their website or social platforms, making all communication traceable and secure. For customers, this prevents their phone numbers from ending up on web directories because they will no longer possess a permanent number that can be exploited.

Buoyed by the comprehensive telemedicine system necessitated by this strategic partnership, Dr. Le Trong Quy, Director of Phu Duc Hospital Network, is confident that adoption from the broader industry will follow.

“Telemedicine has the ability to transform the way healthcare is delivered, through expanding access across rural areas, easing travel burden on sub-specialties, improving collaboration between sub-specialties and expanding our own coverage internationally,” said Dr. Le Trong Quy.

“We are excited by Beowulf’s advancements in telemedicine, and are looking forward to our own expanded capabilities afforded by this partnership,”  he continued.

“The healthcare industry is prime for disruption and innovation, successful implementation of telemedicine across every point of the patient care continuum – from primary care to home consultation – will increase patient safety, improve care quality, address physician shortages, expand access and reduce the cost of high-quality care,” said Dr. William H. Nguyen, Founder and CEO of Beowulf Blockchain. “Our partnership with Phu Duc Hospital Network is going to allow us to take a global approach to the delivery of telemedicine and reach patients who currently don’t have access to qualified healthcare providers.”

Beowulf’s technology encompasses a comprehensive suite that handles various communication functions (voice, video, messaging) from front-end to back-end infrastructure, with enterprises paying per minute-of-usage; QUICKOM, a patent-pending concept which aims to replace phone numbers with scannable QR codes for improved privacy and connectivity; a decentralized distant learning platform named Victoria; and HANA, an innovative telemedicine teaching system. Its mission is to provide personalized healthcare and education, which is affordable and accessible, to everyone in the world, and as a result, empower humankind to live smarter and healthier lives.

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