August 16, 2019

Beowulf Blockchain Partners with MD24 House Call to Provide a Comprehensive Telehealth System

Beowulf Blockchain Partners with MD24 House Call to Provide a Comprehensive Telehealth System

SAN FRANCISCO, August 16, 2019 – Beowulf Blockchain, a full-service B2B cloud communication company, has announced its partnership with MD24 House Call. This partnership will usher in a new era of healthcare services utilizing the advanced telehealth system via real-time video conferencing.

MD24 House Call operates nationwide service across the United States and recently began offering service in China, India, Philippines, and France. MD24 House Call also offers more than 800 assisted living facilities and clinics globally, with 5 million visits annually. It connects patients with MD24 House Call’s network of more than 400 clinicians, specialists, and nurse practitioners across digital channels via real-time video conferencing. This essentially allows for on-site, personalized healthcare to patients, enabling users to discuss their health concerns and medical conditions directly with healthcare providers through a simple push of a button.

The company is spearheading in-house doctor services across the state of Arizona, where patients can order a home visit from a primary care physician or a medical specialist. Additionally, they can order other in-home services, like X-rays and blood dialysis 24/7.

“We are planning to add an urgent care service via on-demand real-time video conferencing to our service in the near future. Using telehealth in remote areas to deliver healthcare services can minimize the challenges related to transportation and wait times often involved with the hospital and clinic visits,” says Dr. Linh Nguyen, CEO of MD24 House Call. “I believe this partnership represents another big leap we have taken towards fulfilling our vision of caring for our patients with the most comfort and convenience, and it will bring significant value and improve the quality of life for billions.”

“We look forward to introducing more businesses to the power of next-generation telehealth systems in a transparent nature, given our underlying blockchain for legal compliance perspective, as the medical services will become decentralized,” said Beowulf founder Dr. William H. Nguyen. “It’s our genuine commitment to fundamentally transform the healthcare system into one that delivers health services which are high quality, more accessible, and more affordable to every citizen of the world anytime, and anywhere.”

Beowulf Blockchain provides fast and reliable communication services to companies and individuals with zero entry barriers with low operational costs. It enables innovative businesses to easily add real-time communication capabilities, such as voice/video, messaging, video conference calls, and the QUICKOM system, which is a QR code solution for consumers, business, and call centers with customized privacy control. 

Among its many services, Beowulf Blockchain provides schools and educational institutions around the world with a distance learning platform where they can conduct real-time video conferencing. Its mission is to provide personalized healthcare and education which is affordable and accessible to every person in the world, and as a result, empower humankind to live smarter and healthier lives.

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