August 8, 2022

Beowulf Blockchain Hard Fork Event

San Francisco, August 1, 2022 – Beowulf Blockchain, the global leader in decentralized communications and data cloud networks, announced today the upcoming hard fork event for its blockchain, which will be scheduled on 8/8/2022 at 8:08 am (GMT). This hard fork event will update the software and consensus to offer the following advancements:

  1. Supporting Non-Fungible Token (NFT) 
  2. The inflation rate is set at 1% annually
  3. Adjusting gas/transaction fees consistently for all transactions. The new transaction fee is as followed:
    1. Registering a wallet name on the blockchain: $0.01 
    2. Creating a new fungible token: $10
    3. Transaction fee for fungible token transfer: $0.01
    4. Transaction fee for non-fungible token transfer: $0.01
    5. Non-fungible token creation: $0.01 

This hard fork event mainly supports the NFT function from minting to managing. The NFT support will improve the blockchain infrastructure facilitating the deployment of the Crystabaya marketplace (the NFT-based market for hotels and travel-related services). 

Per Dr. William H. Nguyen – founder of Beowulf Blockchain – this is a crucial and necessary initiative in developing high-performance Beowulf Blockchain and its ecosystem at this stage. He said, “With the new fee structure implemented and NFT supported, we not only support the nascent phase of NFT technology and marketplace but also expectedly generate billions of transactions on the Beowulf Blockchain in years to come, partly via Crystabaya NFT-marketplace and Boyoty program.” 

About Beowulf Blockchain

Beowulf is a B2B decentralized cloud network for data and communication services. Beowulf is known for its publicly-run decentralized blockchain. Beowulf furnishes a suite of services built on blockchain that supports the delivery of multiple solutions to help businesses reach a wider audience with no upfront investment needed and at the lowest possible cost using transparent pay-per-use rates. Beowulf is every business’s partner in fostering change to empower every aspect of life. 

To learn more information, please visit

About Crystabaya

Crystabaya is a joint venture between Beowulf Blockchain and Crystal Bay Group to offer a Marketplace of NFT-based hotel nights and travel-related products. On this exchange platform, travelers can find and book a room at the cheapest possible rate while maintaining their peace of mind that their money is secure even when their travel plan changes due to their ability to trade their NFT-based booked stays. To learn more about Crystabaya, please visit

For media contact:

Dr. William H. Nguyen


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