July 18, 2020

Beowulf Blockchain Forges a Strategic Partnership with Bach Hoa Viet to Accelerate Growth

Singapore, July 17, 2020 – Beowulf Blockchain, the pioneer of the decentralized cloud network for communication services, announced a strategic partnership with Bach Hoa Viet, the pioneer in providing technology solutions for traditional retail channels. Beowulf Blockchain will provide Bach Hoa Viet with a comprehensive SDK suite and an innovative QUICKOM Call Center utilizing video and AI technology; due to this support Bach Hoa Viet will be able to provide first-rate communication services and a higher level of customer success to its current customers, as well as existing and future partners.

Mr. Lu Vincent The-Hung, CEO of Bach Hoa Viet, said: “We have always aimed to utilize the decentralized cloud network to increase the quality of the customer experience and bring our customer service to a scalable level worldwide. With the help of the QUICKOM video-based call center, we can achieve our long-term goals overnight, while at the same time, reducing operating costs dramatically.”

Beowulf’s CEO and Founder, Dr. William H. Nguyen and Mr. Lu Vincent The-Hung, CEO of Bach Hoa Viet at the signing ceremony.

QUICKOM Call Center allows call agents to contact all customers and partners on the spot by scanning  QR codes with the camera on their smartphone, without any complex accessories required. Communication between call agents, customers and partners is significantly streamlined due to faster connections, high-quality videos, and authentic sound. Beowulf Blockchain’s SDK, meanwhile, handles all communication functions from front-end to back-end infrastructure, with businesses paying only for the minutes they use.

“We are delighted to support Bach Hoa Viet to achieve its mission. With our cutting-edge video-based call center and AI technology in the QUICKOM Call Center suite, Bach Hoa Viet will be able to gain a considerable competitive advantage and soon become a leading provider of retail and distribution solutions in the Southeast Asia region,” Dr. William — CEO of Beowulf Blockchain — explained.  


Beowulf is a US-based B2B platform providing communication services via a decentralized cloud network of computing resources worldwide. We bring transparency and immediate solutions for all users and business clients in many fields such as hospital healthcare, call centers and educational institutions, so that any business can rapidly integrate communication capacities.


QUICKOM by Beowulf utilizes US patent-pending QR code technology to redefine corporate and academic communications, making them more flexible and intelligent to help academic institutions and enterprises worldwide  stay ahead. True to its roots as a technology disruptor, QUICKOM’s flexible approach helps to better serve the growing collaboration, communication, and customer experience needs of companies across a variety of channels. QUICKOM is built on the world’s most flexible decentralized cloud communications platform and offers a suite of services, encompassing call center, classroom, conference, and corporate communication solutions, as well as unified communications with a focus on privacy protection for personal use. 

About Bach Hoa Viet

Bach Hoa Viet is proud to be a pioneer in providing digital transformation solutions, aiming to connect, improve and develop the Traditional Retail System. More specifically, Bach Hoa Viet uses cutting-edge technology not only to help members of Traditional Business Channels to upgrade their system, increase sales, but also provide customers with a convenient way of shopping. Bach Hoa Viet believes that humans can gain tremendous benefits, promote brands effectively and enhance customer service experiences thanks to the application of smart-tech solutions into business management activities.

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