Beowulf Blockchain: Weekly Highlights
Welcome to Beowulf Blockchain’s weekly highlight! In this section, we’d love to talk about the most updated and relevant information our customers may care about, all in one place.
Beowulf Blockchain featured on Vietnam National TV News – “Vietnam Television”
Beowulf Blockchain helps parents of South American Kindergarten School Network stay in touch with their children at schools.
Another exposure for our partnership on Vietnam National TV News
Our vision for propelling family connection via video conferencing was picked up by another Vietnam National TV News – “Ho Chi Minh City Television”.
QUICKOM – Accompany your kid on the journey of life
Check out this video to see how QUICKOM brings parents and kids closer even during school time!
Beowulf Blockchain sponsors TransMed Conference
Beowulf Blockchain is pleased to sponsor the TransMed Conference taking place in Hanoi on August 19, 2019. Come join us as our Founder and CEO, Dr. William H. Nguyen, will deliver a speech on the future of healthcare via the advanced telehealth system powered by blockchain.
“With Beowulf Blockchain, we are poised to fundamentally transform our healthcare system into one that delivers affordable and accessible healthcare in a transparent nature and, in the process, save and improve the quality of life for billions.” – Dr. William H. Nguyen, Beowulf Blockchain Founder and CEO.
Read about event details here.
Beowulf Blockchain Private Meetup
We’re pleased to collaborate with Up to host the first networking event where business leaders and tech enthusiasts meet up to exchange ideas and explore the many benefits of potential partnership with Beowulf Blockchain.
Read about event details here.
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