August 22, 2019

Beowulf Blockchain Gave a Lecture at the 4th TransMed International Conference 2019

Beowulf Blockchain Attends the 4th TransMed International Conference 2019

Beowulf Blockchain is pleased to attend the 4th TransMed  “International Conference of Technology and Clinical Research Innovations toward Precision Medicine” which was held at Bach Mai Hospital, Hanoi on August 19 and 20, 2019. Joining the conference were more than 30 international experts and 500 professors, research scientists in immune cell therapies, bioinformatics, single cell, Artificial Intelligence and remote treatment via telemedicine. Our Founder and CEO, Dr. William H. Nguyen, delivered a captivating presentation with a view to making healthcare accessible and affordable through the adoption of comprehensive telemedicine.

The conference president Prof. Nguyen Quoc Anh giving the welcome speech

Besides luminary scientists, the event was also attended by the Advisory Committee of the Former Minister of Health of Vietnam, Madame Tran, Thi Trung Chien. As cancer emerges as an epidemic with highest mortality in the country, this year’s conference continues dedicating for promotion of innovation of cancer treatments, along with promoting the multi-disciplines of translational medicine on the novel immunotherapy research.

Beowulf Blockchain Shedding New Light on Telemedicine

Dr. William H. Nguyen, Founder and CEO of Beowulf Blockchain was among the key speakers, presenting on “The Future of Medicine on Blockchain and Telemedicine”.

Dr. William H. Nguyen started by summarizing the new US regulation for healthcare, which anticipated 80 percent of dialysis to be performed at home by 2025 instead of 12 percent, as it is today. This move allegedly marks a new era of decentralized medical service, opening doors to the adoption of in-home patient-first healthcare services, instead of hospital and clinic visits; and telemedicine is fundamentally at the core of this new era.

Dr. William H. Nguyen discusses “The Future of Medicine on Blockchain and Telemedicine”

He then explained that Beowulf Blockchain can empower healthcare providers and center to build comprehensive telemedicine systems with real-time remote video consultation, while ensuring the following requirements: remote real-time video consultation, legal compliance, global payment, and data integrity and transparency.

In particular, the Beowulf comprehensive telemedicine system connects patients anywhere in the world, even in remote areas to healthcare providers to discuss their health concerns and medical conditions directly through a simple push of a button. Additionally, it significantly reduces healthcare costs for medical assistance, and the hassle of transportation and wait time issues often involved with hospital and clinic in person visits.

Beowulf blockchain technology is applied to record immutable video conferencing events for verification thus thoroughly ensures legal compliance, and fully protecting the privacy of patients’ data for data integrity and transparency. By that, the network also efficiently eliminates the need for a central authority and middlemen when it comes to payments. As such, payments can be made using stable cryptocurrency in addition to bank transactions, and will be recorded on the public blockchain for complete transparency.

“With Beowulf technology, we are poised to fundamentally transform our healthcare system into one that delivers affordable and accessible healthcare in a transparent nature and, in the process, save and improve the quality of life for billions,” said Dr. William Nguyen during his speech.

The thought-provoking presentation of Dr. William H. Nguyen has been featured on Vietnam’s National TV, elaborating on how Beowulf Blockchain will be able to bring disruption to Telemedicine:

The 4th TransMed International Conference was hailed a success with a range of presentations from leaders, experts and research scientists. As a new addition, the 4th TransMed conference included AI, Big Data Medicine, Telemedicine to enhance the promotion of precision medical research and IT applications for health care. 

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