February 7, 2022

Beowulf Blockchain – Annual Progress Report

Happy Lunar New Year from the Beowulf Blockchain team. We wish you all love, joy, and blessing during this holiday season.

The Year of 2021 has ended, let’s review some of the most impressive milestones that Beowulf had diligently done and achieved over the course of the year.

Product Progress

The Beowulf Team had a bustling 2021 by developing multiple true use cases underpinned by blockchain technology, thus bringing a working ecosystem closer to millions of users across the globe.

QUICKOM – The Decentralized Large-scaled Communication Suite 

Our flagship conference suite QUICKOM, the provider of productive and high-quality video conferences and events, released the groundbreaking end-to-end encryption solution for enterprise communications. In addition to our partnership with OPSWAT to build the world’s most secured communication suites for businesses, this unrivaled safeguard speaks to our upheld mission of a secure and scalable decentralized network. It allows us to provide a highly secure service for organizations in highly-targeted critical industries with strict regulatory compliance. In particular, we offer telehealth support for frontline workers during the waves of lockdowns in the country. To increase our accessibility, we were ecstatic to have launched the QUICKOM TV app for Android TV and set-top boxes, which is now available on the Google Play TV Store and the TV apps on Samsung’s TV Store and LG TV Stores with a pending review. Remote learning and conducting meetings have never been as convenient as this!

Dr. William H. Nguyen demonstrating the Quickom TV app on an Android Smart TV.

Serving one million users was our defining accomplishment in 2021. QUICKOM accumulated a remarkable number of one million users and reached one million hours of video conferences last year, thus helping our business partners and users from all walks of life to conduct business online in real-time.

QUICKOM is delighted to be featured in Forbes Vietnam magazine   
With our innovative technologies being hosted during large-scale conferences of up to 10,000 attendees, we have become the go-to choice to maintain business activities during the Covid-19 lockdowns for big corporations such as Forbes and BigC, as well as governmental agencies, including the People Committee of Khanh Hoa and Tien Giang Provinces. One of the Quickom patent applications was approved by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office on November 23, 2021, making Quickom an innovative product for advanced communication. 

  • Supporting TECHFEST Vietnam 2021 themed  “Embracing Innovation – Reshaping The Future”, organized by the Vietnam Ministry of Science and Technology with a high level of security and scalability.
  • Hosting Forbes series, Forbes Live and Forbes Women Series, in the last half of 2021, accumulating hundreds participants for each talk show on average.

    FORBES Women Series: “Cân bằng Thân – Tâm – Trí” by Forbes Vietnam. Video recap

    Forbes LIVE Series: “Philanthropy or Renewable Energy” from FORBES VIETNAM

Accompanying GO (BigC Vietnam) organized a special Livestream for Lunar New Year tele-shopping spree titled “Tết Siêu Rẻ” with premium online shopping experiences, attracting groundbreaking 33,000 views and more than 15,000 transactions and comments.

Defiato – the next-generation centralized platform for DeFi farming, staking, and financial services.

DeFiato is on its way to becoming the leading cross-chain platform for DeFi services with cross-blockchain support, including Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, Polygon and Avalanche, and Solana. In addition, our support for Fiat gateway is coming with Prime Trust and PLAID partnerships providing service to our customers worldwide. 

DeFiato completed the first round of its private token sale with a great portfolio of participating investors, including leading DeFi-focused funds DAO Maker, Redline DAO, Avalaunch, Mirana Ventures (a venture partner of Bybit and BitDAO), CRC Capital, Double Peak Group, Dweb3 Capital and 7 O’Clock Capital.

With state-of-the-art technology such as One-Click-To-Farm, combined with ease of Fiat access and exchange-grade security, DeFiato eliminates technical barriers and financial risks most commonly found within many decentralized platforms today, allowing our users to swap and farm crypto with just one simple click easily. Thus, we proudly provide a user experience similar to centralized services such as assured security, quick settlements, ease-of-use, and customer service support. 

Working hand in hand with Prime Trust, our platform enables our users to use Fiat from their bank to purchase crypto and earn rewards – all on DeFiato. They can also cash out seamlessly without leaving the platform. 

DeFiato has ended the year on a high note, as it was announced as one of the Top 10 Launchpads by CryptoGraph Ratings. The sheer volume of more than 100,000 international users boarding our platform since our launch in December 2021 demonstrated the high potential of this platform.

FAN8 – The Ultimate Platform for Edutainment 

Fan8 continues to pursue its objective to bring “Edutainment” to the next level for all of its users. The platform has hosted about 500 events welcoming over 300,000 users and fostering about 120 channels; and these numbers are still growing rapidly.

Several events, which could have been canceled in the physical space due to the pandemic outbreak in Ho Chi Minh City, were revived and revamped on Fan8. We have also worked closely with different universities, such as Vietnam National University, Vietnam National Economics University, and Vietnam Aviation Academy (VAA), to enable interactive and engaging academic delivery, quality and transparency amid the coronavirus outbreak and during the “New Normal.” 

Below are some of our highlighted moments of Fan8:

  • Hosting an online orchestra to channel positive energy for frontline workers during the pandemic, titled “Vững Tâm Vượt Qua Đại Dịch, Chung Tay Đẩy Lùi Covid-19”, which was attended by several artists across Vietnam, as well as the Embassy of Romania.
  • Acting as the entrusted technology partner for grand events by governmental agencies, including the  “Happy National Day” Ceremony for the Republic of Romania and the Partnership Signing Ceremony between The University of Social Sciences and Humanities, Vietnam National University and Ho Chi Minh City Youth Union on “Covid-19 mental recovery therapy for Vietnamese adolescents”.
  • Instrumental in hosting multiple events for Vietnamese students, from graduation ceremonies and first-year students welcoming day to weekly talk shows and monthly workshops. These events have allowed students to enjoy active academic communities with prospective international academics, corporate representatives, influencers, and peers, which have transcended the barriers of ongoing lockdowns.

Freshmen Welcoming Ceremony of Thu Dau Mot University with more 1200 attendees

Boyoty -The Next-generation Loyalty Programs on Blockchain

We are delighted to introduce blockchain technology to one more Vietnamese giant – SASCO, a corporation that owns a duty-free shopping network at various airports worldwide. 

Our platform BOYOTY.COM offers SASCO customers a hassle-free shopping experience when it comes to payment, as they can efficiently utilize their solvent and exchangeable loyalty points on any type of purchase anywhere, anytime without owning a shopping cart or membership card. To start this loyalty program, they simply need to download the “SASCO PLUS” app.

Boyoty has also been entrusted by Dien Quan Group with providing the backbone technology for their e-commercial space, Maestro Gourmet, to create an optimal shopping experience for their customers. We bring more flexibility and solvency to the payment system, thus encouraging their customers to make purchases. 

Biploma – The Next-Generation Cloud Service for Hosting Academic Credentials on the Blockchain

Biploma continues its mission to enable academic institutions, companies, and individuals to quickly and conveniently create and access authentic credentials such as degrees and courses attended, skills learned, diplomas, and even honors/other achievements. Biploma works hand in hand with several renowned organizations and educational institutions such as Vietnam National University of Social Sciences and Humanities, Vietnam National University International University, and Vietnam Aviation Academy. Thus Biploma currently serves more than 100,000 students.

Crystabaya – a Marketplace of NFT-based hotel nights and travel-related products

The announcement of Crystabaya – the first tangible NFT that connects the real world with the metaverse in the hotel and tourist industry – is one of our most significant achievements this year. The massive potential of this platform has received attention from a wide range of national press and even the Vietnam National TV channel.

Partnership Signing Ceremony in Dec 2021 

Crystabaya is a joint venture between Crystal Bay Group and Beowulf Blockchain. The joint venture is serving more than five million Crystal Bay Group travelers across the world and 450 hotel partners, plus two million worldwide users from Beowulf Blockchain. Crystabaya will inherit all of the expertise and users from these two organizations while retaining a clear focus for the travel business using technology (in the same manner as UBER/GRAB taxi) to disrupt the industry in the post-Covid era. 

This partnership brings exemplary architecture and a team of world-leading experts to build the next generation of the online travel marketplace on the blockchain to serve travelers across the globe while reducing costs. On this exchange platform, travelers can find and book a room at the cheapest possible rate while having the peace of mind of knowing their money is secure if their travel plan changes due to their ability to trade their NFT-based booked stays. In addition, the marketplace will also support a variety of crypto payments in conjunction with the traditional fiats. Once fully deployed, the marketplace can generate billions of dollars in transactions while bringing a much better user experience for travelers and retail investors worldwide. 

Final words

Beowulf looks forward to 2022 as another solid year where we make powerful advancements by distributing our cutting-edge technology to a more extensive base of customers. In light of the quick progress made by our financial core – DeFiato, we will be able to fuel the activities across all our use cases. This full deployment of our blockchain applications will enable users from all walks of life to experience our comprehensive system. 

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