Beowulf Blockchain: Weekly Highlights
Welcome to Beowulf Blockchain’s weekly highlights! In this section, we will discuss the most recent and relevant information for our customers in one convenient place.
Beowulf to Expand Its Global Footprint to 50,000 Business Partners
We are pleased to partner with the Vietnam Brand Business Association to serve and help bring their 50K business members to the next level of business productivity and professionalism.
Read more in our Press Release and media coverage on The Crypto Sight, TokenPost, EconoTimes, Thuong Hieu Viet. Then, check out the TV news below.
Beowulf Blockchain Gears Up for Its Native Coin’s Listing with a $200,000 Trading Contest
Beowulf is pleased to announce that we are en route to the listing of our native coin, named “BWF”. The official listing date has been tentatively scheduled for late December or early January 2020, with the BWF coin being immediately tradable on multiple leading crypto exchanges with $200,000 worth of BWF coins in total prize money.
Read the full press release here.
Beowulf Blockchain Supports Anti Human Trafficking Non-Profit Organization through Education, Logistics and Financial Support
Beowulf Blockchain announced that it will support Pacific Links Foundation with their mission to prevent human trafficking, and to help the human trafficking victims regain their lives by rejoining the society through education programs and financial support.
Explore more here and on The Crypto Sight.
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