Beowulf Blockchain: Weekly Highlights
Welcome to Beowulf Blockchain’s weekly highlight! In this section, we’d love to talk about the most updated and relevant information our customers may care about, all in one place.
Native phone calls for the newest QUICKOM iOS version
From now on, you can have the intuitive, convenient calling experience with QUICKOM, just as you do on your native iPhone.
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Solving educational problems with decentralized learning
With the QUICKOM service, our vision is “worldwide learning and knowledge exchange without barriers, anytime and anywhere”.
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Instructional content: How to set up your QUICKOM call center
Check out this video on how to set up your QUICKOM call center in 5 minutes!
QUICKOM partners up with Nam My Kindergarten and Thi Truong Si
Through the new partnerships, QUICKOM has enabled Thi Truong Si to set up their call center for customer service and internal communication. We also helps Nam My Kindergarten to bring parents and children together.
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